Black Spots On Your Windows or Home?

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If you are reading this page you are probably wondering what the heck! Are all these black spots on my house from right?

Well I think I know the answer it’s most likely Artillery Fungus or often referred to as Shotgun Fungus or Sphaerobolus stellatus, usually originates in wood-chip mulch that is used around shrubs, flowers and other plants. Wet, rotting mulch breeds small mushrooms that can shoot for distances of up to 20 feet. The spores, which are sometimes mistaken for insect waste or bits of tar, cling tenaciously to surfaces such as house siding or near by cars, windows etc…

Cleaning these nasty pests can be a little more difficult, when it comes to the glass our window cleaners can take a mild abrasive and soap to either scrub or sometimes use a razor blade that’s safe on glass to remove. (This is an additional cost and not included in the standard window cleaning) 

On the siding it’s a little more difficult and times consuming what we have found is that “Pressure Cleaning” usually does more damage than good, the Artillery Fungus is so strongly attached that the pressure may harm the vinyl.

Here are a few additional tips we found on the Internet that may be helpful.

Here are some additional tips:
Control. Bark mulch appears to be more resistant to the fungus than wood-chip mulch. Davis said pine-bark chunks seem to be the most resistant, and cedar, redwood and cypress mulch also appear to be resistant. “Even these mulches should be replaced every few years,” he said.

Davis said stone mulch (usually small, decorative stones) “is the ultimate answer” to artillery fungus. Black plastic, held in place by stones or boards, is also safe, and some homeowners are getting good results with leaf mulch. Kuhns said fungicides do not work well because “it’s hard to determine when the mulch becomes infested, making the timing of the application . . . difficult.”

Insurance. If your house is damaged by artillery fungus, check with the agent handling your homeowners insurance. Most policies do not cover damage from fungus or mildew, but some do. • Power-washing. Once the fungus becomes attached to a surface, even power washing is not effective unless it is done within a few weeks of a fungal outbreak.

One power-washing expert said he was able to remove the fungus using 200-degree water, with water pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch, but this combination of hot water and high pressure can damage some types of siding.

Scraping. Artillery fungus can be removed from windows by scraping with a razor blade. Scraping also can remove some of the black specks from smooth siding, but several homeowners who tried this reported that a brown residue remains and can’t be removed. Scraping can gouge vinyl and painted siding.

I’m sorry I didn’t have better news for you; we have had some success by using good old fashion elbow grease and a bristle brush.

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