Can pressure cleaning hurt my Koi fish?

Being in business in Southwest Florida, we have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes and water features Some of these water features even include the beautiful Koi fish.

What we have seen and learned over the years is that Koi fish are VERY sensitive to anything interacting or disrupting the PH balance of their habitat.

We take great pride in the fact that we do everything in our power to control what goes into their environment. Since we are using cleaning products that will clean and remove mold and mildew from the exterior of our clients homes, it is very difficult to insure that none of these products end up in the water habitats of the Koi.

If you are thinking about having your home or roof cleaned, we recommend using this time to clean your Koi pond or having a professional company come out and do it for you. By removing the water and the Koi, we can both rest assured that no damage will occur due to our cleaning products.

We have tried everything over the years, from covering the Koi ponds, using only soap and water, to using water only and low pressure. We’ve found the Koi just don't like change, they actually HATE IT!

Since it would be impossible to clean your home without affecting their home, we ask that our customers fill out a waiver ensuring that Coastline will not be liable if anything happens to these beautiful creatures.

We would rather turn down a job than risk harming something so precious!

More helpful tips for cleaning a Koi pond.

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