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Our Roof cleaning division here at Coastline only uses a non-pressure SOFT WASH roof cleaning system. What does that mean to you? It means that we care about your most valuable asset, your home!

#1 Question we are asked, can you clean my roof without walking on it? Listen to a leader in the roofing industry with over thirty years of experience, Scott Otey with West Coast Roofing is an authority in the Roofing community discuss the benefits of "SOFT WASH ROOF CLEANING" and address that #1 concern.

Scott Otey with West Coast Roofing / Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Up until a few years ago in Southwest Florida, most companies were cleaning tile and asphalt shingle roofs using high pressure; not knowing the damage this may be causing long term. They were most likely shortening the life span of the tiles and shingles on your roof by cracking tiles or tearing roof shingles, causing granule loss and color fading, and loosening concrete grout, causing possible leaks.

Here at Coastline we strive to have the best technology, the best cleaning products, and the best system for cleaning your roofs.

That’s why we use a soft wash roof cleaning system. By using a blend of cleaning agents specifically mixed to target and kill mold and mildew, scientifically known as gloeocapsa magma, we are able to clean roofs safely and more efficiently.

Our non-pressure roof cleaning method is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). Non-pressure chemically-treated roofs have been proven to stay clean significantly longer than those which have had nothing other than a pressure washer and water used on them. Our cleaning process is accomplished by using only enough pressure to apply the chemical solution to the roof surface. The solution is sprayed at a pressure consistent with a drizzling rain and the algae and mildew stains are immediately removed. A strong downpour actually strikes the roof surface with more pressure than this proven chemical cleaning process.

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