Quality Service Pros Creates Resource of Qualified Contractors & Professionals

The best kept secret in the property management industry.  Some local property managers are taking advantage of homeowners by adding to the estimate from contractors, and pocketing the difference. Quality Service Pros was created to prevent crooked practices and bring qualified businesses and homeowners together.

Jason Evers Offers Homeowners Resource to Find Qualified Contractors

Jason Evers, owner of Coastline Window Cleaning Inc., was stunned when he was told not to send the homeowner the invoice for the roof cleaning he just completed.  The reason?  The property manager added ten percent to the total and kept the difference, and was afraid the homeowner would see.  Jason was then told that this was common in the industry and if he wasn’t comfortable about it, he could work for someone else.

One month later, another property manager took three bids for a job, hired the lowest bidder, charged the highest bid amount to the homeowner, and kept the difference.  He instructed Jason to keep his bids low to win the contract or he would get someone else.  Jason then knew it was time to do something.

In 2008, Jason Evers founded Quality Service Pros, formerly known as the SWFL Service Directory.  This would be a resource where homeowners could find quality, pre-screened contractors on their own, for no fee.  All contractors are licensed and insured, and carry the applicable certifications for their professions.  He now urges homeowners to request the original estimate from the property managers, and verify all invoices match.  Not all property managers are taking advantage of their clients, but is yours one of them?

Quality Service Pros is owned and operated Jason Evers.  He can be reached for questions or comments at 239.985.0083 or email Jason.

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