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Quick Response Code

What is a QR code? A QR code is a Quick Response code. It is a 2D barcode that when scanned by a smart phone, takes the user to a website or other information.

What type of information is available through a QR code? A QR code can link to a website, a video hosted on a website or text information.

Add a Quick Response (QR code) to your signs and graphics to let customers and prospects quickly learn more about your business, event or promotion, or to communicate detailed contact information. With a QR code, you provide additional information to the savvy, high-tech consumer when he or she is most interested.

Consider using a QR code on signs and graphics to provide location information, a link to your website or promotional offer.

You can utilize QR codes on posters, vehicles, flyers, banners and other types of signs.
As an example, use a QR code on a delivery van or company vehicle to provide a quick link to your company's website. This eliminates the need for the prospect to memorize or write down a phone number. Include a QR code on a real estate sign to link to a virtual tour, your realtor website or to get a phone number.

Or use them on the back of your business card, or how about at a trade show offering an exclusive offer to the first person who can read it, the possibilities are endless…. Welcome to the future!

Give it a try! create your own QR Code now simply click here and put your web address in the box.WHA LAH!!!! you have your very own QR Code.

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